Incubator Effects Studios

Besides capable of doing the complete production Incubator Effects also provide the best creative and technical solutions for specific pipeline.

About Us

Incubator Effects Studio is a newly formed team with highly experienced artists specialized in digital animation creation and supervision of 3d Illustration ,motion graphics ,TV Commercial , visual effects for film and TV, architecture and design, informational graphics, game cinematic & trailers or video game assets.With the combination of our highly passionate concept artists, CG artists,animators and our clients into a collaborative creative approach results in compelling visuals and storytelling.

We create our work by prioritizing what you are aiming to do with the images we are creating with you, by getting to know your business strategy we deliver simple but expressive images that delight and not only match your brief but often exceed your expectations . An artist-driven company with the talent and infrastructure to execute projects of any size and complexity.

Production Pipeline

Incubator Effects Studio is a team of multi talented generalists working on multi-core workstations using off the shelf softwares including Houdini ,Maya, 3ds max, zbrush, realflow, syntheyes, nukeX, mari, fumefx, xNormal, Shave and haircut, Krakatoa, genarts sapphire,red giant suite, video copilot suite and more.To make our jobs faster and efficient we build inhouse custom tools using mel and python.

“I have been co-working with Tanvir Islam and his company on several occasions. This have always been a pleasure. I get a fair and precise quotation from him, and the bill is always in line with this. The production phase is efficient and projects are delivered in according to the production plan.
— Peter Munck, Managing director, Frontier-Adaptor


To meet the big projects we always need skilled man power to help us in the projects which is very hard to get in this region but still possible if we can train our talents . So, we decided to provide our professional experience and training to the students . So, they can catch up with the 3d world very fast and help us with various projects. We named our course "3d generalist" . Because we train them in every expect of 3d so that later they can choose the specific pipeline of 3d or work as a 3d generalist.